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Who is Kitchen Curls Unlimited

Who is behind Kitchen Curls?

Camille Holmes is a talented self driven licensed hair coach that has been the industry for over 10 years professionally. her passion and love for hair really started at the tender age of 14. attending beauty school, receiving mentorship and continuing education over the years has equipped her to focus more on proper haircare. the fire was also driven my her own hair high's and low's over the years. she believes that she can help existing and future clients in the natural hair world better than before through her own personal hair journey. 

In 2016, the brand Kitchen Curls was created; why you ask. Well she literally started in the kitchens of family, friends and loyal clients many years ago. The name and brand has blossomed into so many over avenues for Camille and others. 

Hosting her first Natural Hair Workshop " Curls, Coils and Conversations"! It was an awesome event, the vendors, attendees and other bonded, connected and created new relationships throught this event. Also KC University created braiding classes for Extra Ordinary women to learn a ordinary skill. Learning the foundation of braiding to the latest styles and advanted techniques. 

2019, Camille became a self- published author! WOW! How dope is that. " For The Love of N.A.P.P.Y" ;When Self Care and Hair journaling heals the soul. 

Working in God's purpose and soaring behind the chair has been mind blowing but still staying hunbled through this journey. Living life with unlimited goals, passion and purpose has been so fullfilling thus far. 

Kitchen Curls Unlimited is here to stay, so stay tuned!


" Camille is more than my braider- is a huge motivator and we can talk about anything during and after my hair appointment" 


“I could not see myself letting anyone braid my hair other than Kitchen Curls”

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